Punjabi music has one of the most diverse styles of music- ranging from folk, Sufi classical mainly from the Patiala Gharana that has evolved to Indipop- a collaboration between Punjabi folk and hip-hop,rap and pop music, still gripping on to its old flavour. Despite the cultural diversity, you won’t find a Punjabi that doesn’t listen to Punjabi songs – it is a cult: where fans follow the releases of the artists religiously. Unlike Bollywood playback singers, Punjabi artists make it a point to be consistent in their independent releases and not just rely on movies. Punjab, clearly not having a strong film industry, promotes creativity through its extravagant and popular music industry backed by top records ready to invest in fresh talent. With the increasing popularity of Punjabi music, the craze for Punjabi artists is at its peak, not only in Bollywood but on an international level – making them one of the highest paid artists with a surprising net worth ranging from 2 million USD to 40 million USD!


Here is a list of Top 10 of the Richest Punjabi singers:


  1. Babbu Mann:


Babbu Mann also known as Tejinder Singh Mann is a popular singer, actor, songwriter and producer. He started his career in 1997 and has eight studio albums since 1999. He is one of the richest men in Punjab with a net worth estimated approximately to 10 million USD.


  1. Parmish Verma:


Parmish Verma is a Punjab-based model, actor, director, singer. With his music, and music video direction getting huge name and fame, he has starred in popular Punjabi films. He is also famous for his good-looks and fitness. Read girlfriends, affairs and more interesting facts of parmish verma here.


  1. Yo yo honey Singh


Hitesh Singh popularly known by his stage name Yo Yo Honey Singh is a producer, singer, rapper and actor. He studied music in Trinity School in the United Kingdom and later moved to India, writing and producing some of the most popular songs. He is one of the highest paid music producers in Bollywood.


  1. Diljit Dosanjh


Diljit Dosanjh is a Punjabi film actor, singer and anchor. He is one of the best leading singers in Punjabi industry. His first track “Ishq Dua USA Ada” released in 2000, shot him to fame. Following, he has acted in many of the most successful movies in Punjabi history.


  1. Gippy Grewal

Rupinder Singh Grewal popularly known as Gippy Grewal is a versatile artist, who can act, sing, dance and write songs. His first single “Phulkari” got him noticed in the Punjabi music industry by breaking many records. He made his acting debut in 2010 and has many awards ever since.


  1. Bohemia

Roger David who is well known for his stage name Bohemia or Raja is a Pakistani-American rapper and singer and record-producer from California, USA. He has signed multi-record deals with major record labels and has been nominated and awarded for his music nationally and internationally.


  1. Badshah
NEW DELHI, INDIA – JULY 20: (Editors Note: This is an exclusive shoot of Hindustan Times) Bollywood singer and rapper Badshah poses during an exclusive interview with HT City-Hindustan Times at HT Media Office on July 20, 2015 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)


Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia better known by his rap-name Badhshah is a Punjabi rapper. He also raps in Haryanvi and Hindi. He made his debut in 2005 along with Yo yo honey Singh and started working independently by 2012. His did a soundtrack for a recognised movie in 2014 that got him more recognition. He has also collaborated with other popular artists and has also won many awards for his music.


  1. Hardy Sandhu:

Hardevinder Singh Sandhu, better known by his stage name Hardy Sandhu is an Indian actor and Singer. His rising to prominence is accorded to songs like “Soch” and “Joker” and made his acting debut in “Yaaran da ketchup”. Read full biography of hardy sandhu here.


  1. Jassie Gill


Jasdeep Singh Gill, better known as Jassie Gill, is an Indian singer and actor of Punjabi origin. He made his debut with the Album “Batchmate” and the hit song “ Chudiyan” in 2011. He has also acted in popular Punjabi films.


  1. Guru Randhawa


Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa or Guru Randhawa is a Punjabi singer and songwriter, popular as the hit machine with a record of releasing consecutive hit singles and albums.





The Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Nowadays, meal replacement have risen in popularity because of its nutritional benefits and convenience. You can even lose weight quickly in just a few weeks and months by trying a number of proven products in the market. You should also know more about the company making these to be sure that you’re getting complete results. Get rid of unwanted fat and weight by following the guidelines effectively. Here are some tips and tricks for you.

Things to Expect

Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day. You can expect several benefits by consuming the drink daily. The most popular would be losing weight after just a few short weeks. You also feel more energized and stronger by regularly taking the shakes. Another benefit is the improved regularity and digestion. The fourth benefit is lowering cholesterol levels, so you can stay away from common health problems like heart disease and cardiovascular problems. It also comes in very delicious flavors so you can stick to your diet program effectively.

Customer Reports

According to a study lasting 90 days, participants exchanged one meal per day with Juice cleanse Shakeology and started to exercise regularly. Some of the reports they gave was that Shakeology helped them feel fuller so they did not have to struggle with hunger pangs and sugar cravings. Meal replacement shakes for weight loss also helped provide them with a lot of strength and energy to last the entire day. They were able to perform better at work and stay focused in the different tasks and activities given to them. They also feel healthier and more youthful because of these shakes. Their appetite can be sustained and managed so they do not binge on unhealthy and fatty foods. According to some, Shakeology is the best-tasting drink compared to others in the market.


Diet Shakes for Weight Loss – Drink Your Way to Your Dream Body

Choosing diet shakes for weight loss can be like looking for the Holy Grail. You may have a basic idea of where to begin, but not a whole lot to go on after that. Diet shakes for weight loss are also sometimes called “Meal Replacement Shakes” (MRS). Keep in mind that the best way to lose weight is to do a complete overhaul of your diet and focus on cutting out fat and adding more fruits and vegetables. If this is not feasible, then diet shakes for weight loss, such as slim fast weight loss shakes or the nutri melt protein shake are the way to go. You can embark on a liquid diet weight loss program and get great results.

When people Juice diet they often end up spending a lot of time hungry. If you spend enough time hungry, eventually you are going to grab any food that you can and eat until you can’t eat anymore, which is the complete opposite of what you want to do if you are trying to lose weight. By drinking diet shakes for weight loss you can both combat hunger and give your body healthy doses of required proteins and nutrients. Start your day with diet shakes for weight loss that are protein based. You can make your own, or look for one in your grocery store or local health food store. A morning shake that is high in protein, but also has a healthy dose of carbohydrate and just a little fat, is ideal for helping you lose weight and increase your energy. Try mixing up a tasty shake using a combination of whey protein, wheat germ for carbohydrate, fruit, and a little yogurt. Not only will it taste great, but you’ll also be filling your body with the proteins, vitamins, and minerals that it requires, so that you won’t feel hungry and binge eat later on. The best weight loss protein shakes not only taste great, but provide everything your body needs.

Now that you have started your morning off right, you can either choose to eat two more balanced, low fat meals during the day, or you can replace one of those other meals with another weight control shake. Replacing lunch with other diet shakes for weight loss is your best bet, as ending the day with a shake often leads to snacking before bedtime. Pay close attention to your caloric intake. If you reduce the number of calories you take in by replacing all of your meals with shakes, your brain will tell your body that it must eat and your diet will fall apart rapidly. Stay intelligent about reducing your calories gradually and remember to eat at least one healthy, balanced meal each day.

5 Useful Tips for a Desert Safari

There are likewise a few activities which are coming up like ‘The Cloud, Dubai’, which is really a resort, that is being based on stilts! Better believe it. You read right. It is being mounted on 300 m shafts which will broaden directly into the mists over the Dubai skies. There is likewise another venture, the Hydropolis, the first absolutely submerged inn. The lodging’s visitors will be conveyed to the inn in submarines or a helicopter! Staggered! All things considered, don’t be, on the grounds that this is only a glimpse of a larger problem.

With a disturbing number of 5 star inns coming up, Dubai has prepped itself to be the most energizing spot for the advanced explorer. Appropriate from skiing, to outlandish inns, to normal Arabian attractions, Dubai has everything and it will remain determined to draw in voyagers from all around the globe to devour its greatness. So what are you sitting tight for? Get out there and have some good times!

One of the speediest growing urban communities, Dubai is known for its steady change and known for a ton of things, as tallest building, biggest shopping center, and numerous others. Here I will give you a rundown of Dubai’s Tourist Attractions, the most went to places in Dubai and they basic principles and actualities I will likewise incorporate into this article.

We should begin with the straightforward realities.

desert safari has been under British insurance from 1892 to 1968, and in 1971 Dubai turned into a piece of UAE which comprise of 7 emirates, yet Dubai of every one of the 7 emirates is the quickest growing city among UAE as well as on the planet. Ruler Sheik Mohammed canister Rashid Al Maktoum assumed control over the crownNext on the visit is Ski Dubai, the world’s biggest indoor ski slant. Trust me when I say it is HUGE. It even has an indoor ski lift to take individuals to the highest point of the incline! Presently how’s that for a shock? All things considered, on the off chance that you do get exhausted of skiing, you can simply experiment with sand boarding, which is only snowboarding, however on sand. The sand boarding session is typically combined with the Dune bashing session, which is something that you totally can’t miss. The Dubai desert safari as a rule goes on for around 30 minutes, which as a rule includes driving on the edge of misleadingly molded sand ridges, not knowing regardless of whether you’ll live to see the following sunlight. It includes a million times more adrenalin than going on an exciting ride! Try not to miss this. This is the feature of your Dubai visit.

Dubai Attractions – Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

One of the most popular tourist activities of Dubai is the Famous “Dubai Desert Safari”. The desert safari is basically a trip into the depth of the desert on a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser. This exciting trip begins with the tour operators vehicle picking you up from your house or hotel. The vehicle seats 6 people so if you would like privacy you can negotiate a cheaper rate with the tourism company beforehand and get the whole vehicles for yourself. After being picked up you will be driven to a meeting point where the rest of the vehicles will assemble and all the vehicles will proceed into the desert as a convoy, The desert safari is quite a roller coaster ride as driver will drive thrillingly up and down red sand dunes. After a short ride the convoy will come to a stop in the middle of a desert at a camel farm you will get opportunities to take photographs and stretch your legs.

After the camel farm you will proceed to the desert safari deals camp of the tourism company where you will disembark and proceed into the Bedouin camp established to give you an insight into the desert life led by traditional Arabs. The camp is a fully functional tourist structure with all modern amenities including wash rooms, electricity and telephones.

You will spend approximately 3 hours at the desert safari camp and you will have an option of buying souvenirs from the souvenir shop, you can also buy a video and pictures of your adventurous trip, there are ladies who will put henna mehndi on your hands before you are served a traditional and continental dinner buffet. After the dinner there is a belly dancing display and the belly dancer will be happy to teach you some steps you will never forget. After the dance you are dropped back to where you were picked up from. To sum it up the Dubai desert safari is a must do if you are going to Dubai.

Tour Name: Dubai Desert Safari
Approx. Time: 4-5 Hours
Approx. Cost: AED 160- AED 240 (US$ 43- US$ 64)
Included: Pick and Drop, Food, Camel Rides, Sand Boarding, Hinna Mehndi

This product is offered by almost every tour operator in Dubai, price and quality of service varies.


Since beginning of my Dubai trip I got to hear about Desert Safari. Many people around advised to go for this on weekend. My first two weeks (& obviously weekends) went in settling down, digging down project details (naturally that was first priority!!) and getting used to schedule. And so first two weekends I spent in Hotel room settling down and solidifying the project scope, boundaries & documentation stuff.

Chikungunya and Role of Homeopathic Treatment

The name “Chikungunya” is derived from the makonde word, which means, “that which bends up” this is due to the fact that the affected person by this disease becomes stooped up as the joints are affected.

Chikungunya is a viral fever, which spreads through mosquito bites from the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (the yellow fever mosquito). A research carried out by Pasteur institute claims that the virus has undergone mutation which enables it to be transmitted the Aedes alopictus mosquitoes also known as Asian tiger mosquito.

Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a member of the genus Alphavirus, in the family Togaviridae. CHIKV was first isolated from the blood of a febrile patient in Tanzania in 1953. It has since been identified repeatedly in west, central and southern Africa and many areas of Asia, and has been cited as the cause of numerous human epidemics in those areas since that time.

Incubation Period
The incubation period (time from infection to illness) can be 2-12 days, but is usually 3-7 days. “Silent” CHIKV infections (infections without illness) do occur; but how commonly this happens is not yet known.


o The symptoms of Chikungunya include fever, which can last for a few days to few weeks. Sometimes the fever abruptly comes down.

o Body temperature can rise up to 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

o There are skin eruptions are petechial (Bluish red), or maculopapular in nature. The eruptions are mostly on the lower limbs and trunk.

o Multiple joints of the body get affected which are extremely painful and this can have debilitating effect on the body. It can also affect the posture of the body.

o The other complaints are intense headache; loss of sleep and marked weakness may stay for a period of 5-7 days.

o Redness and soreness of the eyes

o Photophobia -sensitivity of eyes on seeing bright objects


In India the only laboratory which is equipped to detect the viral infection and the viral load of Chikungunya is The National institute of virology located at Pune.If you suspect of have the symptoms of Chikungunya you should contact your Physician immediately. Normally, in Chikungunya, platelet counts fall to cause internal or external bleeding.


NordicTrack Equipment at the Top of the Pack

The C Series machines are composed with solid segments (tread, edge and engine) however not the most grounded and most strongly built, which are held for the Commercial line models.

There are two models in the C-Series class, the C900 and the C900 Pro. While the fundamental segments are the same, the C900 is has a couple of more alternatives making it additionally engaging for the home client while the C900 Pro’s more stripped down contributions make it more suitable for a wellness focus or expert preparing office.

NordicTrack C900 Workout Features

There are a couple of additional exercise related highlights read more nordictrack desk platinum reviews
that settle on the C900 a decent decision for a home client. The C900 has 20 worked in pre-customized exercise schedules to enable hop to begin a fast exercise. There are five concentrating on calorie consuming, five for speed, five for grade and five high force choices.

Likewise, the C900 is perfect with the iFit Live exercise program (sold independently). iFit Live wellness programming is a web based program that tracks practice advance over numerous exercises, suggests custom exercises and gives clients a chance to run a virtual course utilizing Google Maps and Google Streetview in which the machine coordinates the rise of the genuine territory.

The grade settings go from 0 to 15% and there is no decrease choice for the C900. Treadmill running rate is dependent upon 12MPH.

C900 Comfort Features

The C900 has NordicTrack’s QuadFlex Cushioning, a suspension framework that diminishes arrivals on the treadmill deck to lessen stun to bones and joints. Additionally helping client comfort is a fan on the support that can be set to naturally alter its speed to coordinate the force of the exercise or can be set physically to a coveted speed.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – Finding Relief From Painful Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is obviously, the biggest and longest arrangement of nerves in the human body going down every leg from the lower back. It is ends up contracted or caught it can cause the desolation of sciatica. A standout amongst the most well-known causes is damage, for instance a herniated plate, yet there are a lot of different causes that can prompt the issue.

In its more terrible shape, sciatica pain can be very weakening and truly prevent you from a wide range of ordinary exercises from strolling to playing golf. Notwithstanding sitting or lying in bed turn into an issue.

Getting some relief from pain the sciatic nerve is regularly a blend of legitimate rest and reasonable extending and exercise. Generally the extending practices focus on the lower back and the legs themselves and obviously, should just be rehearsed delicately to abstain from exacerbating things.

Swimming is regularly a decent type of activity since it expels the body’s weight from the muscles while doing it. Extremely any type of activity that doesn’t put excessively weight on the body frequently can help ease sciatic nerve pain.

One of the most exceedingly awful issues for some, individuals is sitting at a work area amid the long working day. On the off chance that you must be at a work area for significant lots attempt to guarantee you have a decent stance and take stroll round the workplace at whatever point you can.

A decent bedding on your bed can help yet it truly is difficult to find which one is best without mulling over it for some time. At times individuals locate that supporting the leg,

The second thing you need to do is to fix the irritation that was made in the sciatic nerve are. The most ideal way I know is to utilize evening primrose oil on the influenced are and knead the oil into the skin with moderate moves. The irritation won’t be relieved medium-term yet you can expect relief from sciatica pain in 3 – 4 days!

There have dependably been normal cures that can give you relief from pain. What is pain really and does it have a capacity? I’m certain a great many people in any event once in their life have put their hand on a hot surface and on account of the pain they felt they’ve possessed the capacity to pull back their hand from the problem area in all likelihood speedier than they laid it there, counteracting extreme damage. Seen from this edge pain can be helpful.

However, by and large pain is something every one of us would rather stay away from. Pain is likely the most offensive inclination there is and in the event that we get excessively of it we will essentially be not able hold up under it. Pain is an inclination you can get in any piece of your body for instance muscle pain, migraines, nerve pain and more interminable pain, for example, constant back pain and joint inflammation.

Desert Safari – The Essence of Dubai

Desert outdoors in Dubai can be an energizing background in the event that you are with the correct visit administrators. Settle on a concentrated decision.

Gary Cairns is a Travel Consultant with one of the desert safari deals best travel and visits organization One World. Desert safaris, camel rides, carriage rides, rise bashing, dhow travels, city visits, ski trips-he has encountered them all in Dubai and her neighboring states. Through his compositions and ventures, he makes mindfulness for the diverse parts of Dubai that individuals far and wide come to appreciate. For a wide determination of Dubai desert safari Tours visit Dubai Tour Company.

Dubai has turned out to be one of the world’s most looked for after get-away goals. This little city-nation has more to offer than most nations that stretch over a few time zones. The legislature of Dubai and the specialists are continually concocting new and energizing approaches to pull in voyagers and give an activity stuffed get-away. There is notwithstanding skiing in an encased ski shopping center. That is skiing on genuine snow in a controlled situation amidst desert, how cool is that. Of all the incredible attractions in Dubai however one emerges as the most well known and thrilling knowledge, the Dubai desert safari.

The safari campaigns all leave from the focal city and take travelers out into the treat. Transportation is in a temperature controlled all wheel drive vehicle for wellbeing and solace. Voyagers can browse a few alternatives of the Dubai Desert involvement. Contingent upon the time accessible and what the voyager wishes to see every one of these choices offers an incredible time in the desert with the chance to take photographs, ride camels, appreciate food of Dubai and return securely to the city.

The morning desert safari is a two hour stumble into the desert that gives the chance to do some Dune bashing with the visit guides. Rise bashing incorporates riding all over the hills in the game utility vehicle while the guide confuses sand rises and navigates the restricted edges. There is additionally the chance to complete a quad bicycle!

For Fathers, an Honorable Acrostic For Fathers Day

In honor of fathers day the world over for the ones cultures who so acknowledge, i have determined to put in writing on the topic today. As a father as nicely, i can like to place the mission to us all within the context of elevating cognizance approximately our responsibilities. I do desire you draw a reality or two, if no longer all, to add in your arsenal.

F – First and essential, I assume it is extremely good that the first mention of the word father inside the Bible comes close to marriage, “depart and cleave” (Gen 2:24). but I do not think every body has a hassle with that considering a man does no longer grow to be a father (biologically) with out a helper, ideally a wife. here is an excerpt from a e-book on marriage, fathering, and greater… “So at 12 months six of our dating and her commentary that I wasn’t looking for to cleave to her, she have become emotionally disconnected from me and finally notion it became time to find a new existence. while a woman emotionally disconnects from her husband, simplest God can reestablish that connection. not many men allow Fathers Day 2018 SMS themselves to attain proper emotional and soulful connections with their other halves. We regularly sabotage our attempts at accomplishing fulfillment with out even noticing or knowing it. a lot of us have offered the lies of the tradition, Hollywood, and the media that misrepresents what our marital commitments ought to be.”

A – Attributes of God amazingly undergo the fathering nature of God in the inherent components (Omniscient, Holy, awareness, straightforward, and so forth.) those are truly attributes we have to contain inside the execution of our fatherly obligations. The advent by way of God of man in His likeness is immediately diagnosed with Adam’s son being born in his photograph and likeness in Genesis 5:1-three. How powerful is it that the fathering nature of God transcends the instant of His creation to earthly fathers, you and me.

T – The truthfulness of a father is obvious in his legacy through more than one generations as King Solomon states in his prayer. 1 King three:6 states… Then Solomon said, “you have shown first-rate lovingkindness on your servant David my father, in accordance as he walked earlier than You in fact and righteousness and uprightness of coronary heart in the direction of You; and you have reserved for him this outstanding lovingkindness, that you have given him a son to sit on his throne, as it’s miles these days. The closing Father (God) seeks kids of truth (John 4:23). As such, father in reality.

H – Humor is just as important to our fatherly love as is our choice to offer, defend, field, and so forth. Fathers, lovingly step into the lighter facet of existence with out hesitation. right here’s a few father humor for you…

knowledge of a touch princess: One nighttime a bit female and her dad and mom were sitting across the desk consuming supper. The little female stated, “Daddy, you are the boss, are not you?” Her Daddy smiled, thrilled, and said sure. The little lady persevered “that is due to the fact Mummy placed you in rate, proper?”

E – Encouragement of the proper kind is extremely important to our existence and achievement in this period at some point of which we parent. Be extremely careful of your circle of impact, and eventually who’s encouraging you about what. however, you can’t do it to your own, you want connection. here is every other excerpt from the ebook… “men is that this no longer remarkable how spot in this Scripture is in attestation to the lives society applauds us for dwelling. We pursue our careers, toys, pursuits, wealth, relationships, and even our trophy wives in all layout to offer self-satisfaction and proof people as “fans of themselves”. we’re being endorsed and enticed to like ourselves with the aid of intoxicating advertisements, billboards, net, movies, magazines, music, awful theology and doctrine (form of godliness however denying its power), the trap of prosperity and so on.”

if you misunderstood, the above depiction of manhood is dangerous.

R – God’s unique effects we pursue as fathers on this earth are ultimately what matters most. If we do not realize what the effects we are looking for are, how are we able to prevail at or accomplish our calling as fathers in the photograph of God. right here is my opinion and what I subscribe to in my view. We bear the likeness of our heavenly father so that you can replicate His attributes upon those He has placed in our care (wives and/or children, and greater). but make no mistake, simply as Christ become about His father’s enterprise (legacy), so are we. it’s miles all approximately functional residing. we are commissioned to put together our dependents, specially our kids, to propagate a Godly circle of relatives legacy for generations till He comes. cease seeking out the clean answer.