Vernon Hot Tubs

Step back for a minute and really evaluate your needs and budget. Recently our local factory warehouse ran a newspaper ad and featured a hot tub on sale for $750. “A cheap hot tub, a piece of junk” the salesman said, when I asked about Hot tub hire Liverpool. “Let me show you a real hot tub”. What he didn’t say of course was that the “real hot tub” sold for $6,000. But if you are willing to put up with cheaper construction, a less powerful motor, and higher lifetime heating costs, the difference in purchase price between the two hot tubs might make buying the less expensive one a perfectly reasonable decision. You can normally add lights and some other accessories after you have used the tub for awhile. You can probably decide later to add an accessory if you are missing something you really want.

If you research spas you’ll find lots of information about acrylic shells, fancy heating units, insulation, and dozens of other factors you to consider when buying a hot tub. If the one factor that is most important to you is price, then there is at least one manufacturer who makes a cheap hot tub [] — a new and complete unit for less than $1,000. It’s also very light so it is inexpensive to ship. Of course there are lots of things that you won’t get with a lower end model, like fancy lights, seating for 8, or a powerful heater, but any hot tub is better than no hot tub, right?

eBay, the king of online auctions, typically has dozens of hot tub auctions running at any one time. Most of these tubs are new and you do need to be careful about the shipping costs which can run $500 or more. Frequently the delivery company will only put the spa on the curb and it will be up to you (and probably take a lot of your neighbors) to find a way to lug it to the location where you want it.

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